ECAADE 2014 CONFERENCE - Fusion: Data integration at its best

The ECAADE (Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design) conference is among the most important and long-running events on CAAD - its proceedings a fundamental resource to understand the latest development in this sector. I have been honoured to be invited to present on the 10th of September a paper at the eCAADe 2014 Conference held at the Northumbria University.

The ECAADE event of this year delved into the theme of Data integration presenting a variety of approaches, experiments and educative experiences that reconstructed a very complex picture of the most recent research and practices in the use of CAAD. My contribution focused on the curatorial implications of these phenomena and proposed an educative program to address these novel issues.

In fact, as the design processes in Architectural practices switch toward entirely digital workflows, architects are gradually required, because of their legal and commercial liability, to provide for both a relatively long term curation of their own digital products and the deposit of authoritative data. But, despite being the sole curation actors for their data, architects receive little education or training in either pertinent competences nor agreed and established procedures to comply with these duties.

My presentation below briefly explores the challenges and the needs to transfer to Architecture students curatorial competences as part of their CAAD education.

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