DEDICATE at DigCurV 2013 in Florence

As the design processes in architectural practices switch toward entirely digital workflows, architects are gradually required, because of their legal and commercial liability, to provide for both a relatively long term curation of their own digital products and the deposit of authoritative data. But, despite being the sole curation actors for their data, architects receive little education or training in either pertinent competences nor agreed and established procedures to comply with these duties.

On past 6th of May, I have presented at the DigCurV 2013 Conference - Framing the Digital Curation Curriculum - in Florence a paper discussing the contribution of the DEDICATE investigation designing Digital Curation modules within architectural CAD education and architects' vocational training - Digital Curation in Architecture Curricula and vocational training for Architects - The DEDICATE Framework in Architectural CAD Courses Design.

The DigCurV conference addressed the emergent need for skilled professionals to manage digital collections in a variety of sectors against the scarcity of institutions currently offering professional training and education programmes to offer individuals these competences.

Despite the DigCurV (Digital Curator Vocational Education Europe) project is mainly concerned with both the availability and design of vocational training for digital curators in the library, archive, museum and cultural heritage sectors, the continuous or integrated curation of digital data within informal retention contexts, adopted by DEDICATE, has received a very kin interest from the audience and the other presenters and, actually, demonstrated an alternative path for both the professional development of curators and the exchange of curatorial competences toward the commercial sector.

I have found the key-speakers presentations particularly inspiring and especially clarifying on the theme of sustainability of education initiatives. I am sure all the experiences and perspectives presented on this subject will further influence my initiative to transfer the DEDICATE results into an education project.

Below is the slideshow of my presentation.

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